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Small Business


AR Selfie System

Airface selfie system a completely autonomous system can bring many benefits to any business. Ranging from Customer Acquisition to Customer retention. We designed the system to be an easy installation and minimal maintenance.

The system consists of a full HD Screen with a HQ webcam to capture the user's face instantly! The stand can be customized to any height and retrofitted with a Instant printer to further enhance the user experience

Custom AR Marketing Campaign

We create a fully bespoke campaign for all our clients. Ranging from small business's to large enterprises. We will fit a budget to your necessity and work to maximize the results for each and every customer.

A audit is first initialized to understand the customer base and then we move onto creating the software and add-ons specifically tailored to your needs.We never use a generic approach for our clients. You will see results quickly soon after Airface is implemented.

Big Data

Monetizing Airface makes it easier and effective for both parties. Stores owners don't need to worry what ad is being served as Airface automatically collects data to show the most efficient ads to the face of the customer using Airface. Advertisers rest assure their money is being used efficiently to create the most conversions.

Big Data is accrued over time and then filtered to create a perfect game plan to target the right demographics. We also show the reports so you know what data is being used and how its being used. A/b testing with different ads copies is also exercised to increase results.