This is how
Airface works

Send us what you need

We first want to learn your current customer base. We start with an audit of the customer base to build reports on the current data. We then speak with you over you expectations and what results you want from Airface.

We have a application that narrows the spectrum of marketing approach. We ask you to fill it out as genuinely as possible to get a good base on where we sit. Once your application submitted we thoroughly dissect your needs and get started on a proposal.

We will design Airface around you

A fully customized campaign will create a much better conversion than any other current marketing approach. We optimize the system for each situation presented. Maybe you need a one time event with certain features. We will get it done.

Monthly reports of data is sent to you directly for you to review, we also guide you through the whole process to make it a breeze. Other marketing approaches waste time and eventually create little to no results.

You're set! We will install Airface in your location

Once you approve the campaign, we will send our experts to place Airface in the designated location of the store to attract the most customers.

Just a small area is designated to Airface then a electrical connection is needed and internet connectivity. And then instantly watch customers come in your store excited to experience Airface and begin shopping!