Social network marketing can never be that easy selfies are the biggest part of any social network

Social Media's Role Today

Millennial shoppers use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to research products before they buy them. According to the study, 40% of global consumers between the ages 18 to 26 use social media to learn more about products. And 30% of the general population use these networks for product research before they buy. They feel assured of the product they're buying by referring to their peers through social networks. 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to their peers.

Selfie Marketing Today

Selfie Marketing has become the main tool to target millennials. The reasoning behind this is the effect a selfie with a product brings to their peers, for example; "Hey guys did you see tom with the new hat" Peers view their friends and families selfies and immediately distinguish the product as something new, trending and they need it. A seflie campaign begins with a recognizable face, from a celebrity to your best friend. With the user advertising a product in their selfie it ignites a chain reaction of users who sought after that product.

Airface Selfie Marketing

Wearable Items

Airface attracts customers attention and directs them towards your store by adding fun items to a user's face and head. From glasses to silly hats and complete masks giving a variety of entertainment to the customer. This technology is easily picked up by anyone. Storefronts get filled with a crowd trying to see what's so fun in that store.

No-Face Capture

A ingenious way to further advertise a product or a sale is to use the same capture technology but, to place clothing on the customer's body. You can show what's new, what's on sale, and just allows customers to try and see how the clothes looks on them.

Instant Print

Instant Print allows for a capture of an instant memory of a great time! customers usually shop in a groups and would love to bring a piece of that group shopping joy back home. Any size prints are available.

Automatic Ad Placement

Monetizing Airface makes it easier and effective for both parties. Stores owners don't need to worry what ad is being served as Airface automatically collects data to show the most efficient ads to the face of the customer using Airface. Advertisers rest assure their money is being used efficiently to create the most conversions.

Mixed Reality

Customers fall asleep in rest areas after a long walk through the mall. With Airface we have created a gaming experience built right into the system. Wake up those customers and plunge them into a mixed reality game from shooting space lasers to many more!

Social Media

The integrations between all social networks further expands the reach of your current customer base. After a customer uploads a selfie to any social network, friends and family will also be intrigued and give them a reason to visit your store. That's the power Airface brings to your store!